Some Useful Tools

Encoding and Decoding

Full Encoder / Decoder (except base64_url)

Base64 Encoder / Decoder

Base64URL Encoder / Decoder

Hex Encoder / Decoder

HTML Escaper / Unescaper

URI Encoder / Decoder

URI Component Encoder / Decoder


Unit Converter

Morse Code Converter

Wide Latin Converter

File to Data URL Converter


SHA / Keccak Hasher

AES Encrypter / Decrypter (Old)

AES Encrypter / Decrypter

RSA Encrypter / Decrypter / Key Generator (Old)

RSA Encrypter / Decrypter / Key Generator

Enigma Machine (mildly broken webpage)


File Downloader

System Data

Multithreaded Code Runner

QR Code Generator

Calculator (Old)

Calculator (New)